Reverse Transfer and Articulation

System Wide and Reverse Transfer

The transfer process is an essential part of educational planning, and we want to help you make a smooth transition to the University of Kansas. Here you will find information on the KBOR System Wide Transfer (SWT) list, Reverse Transfer, and KU's Articulation Agreements.


There is a growing list of course approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for System Wide Transfer (SWT) among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions offering an equivalent course.

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents transfer articulation page for more information.  

Reverse Transfer allows you to receive your associate degree from the Kansas community college or technical college you have earned the most credits from by combining the credits you earned there and the credits you earn after transferring to a Kansas public university.

Within your first year, if you transfer coursework from a community college or technical college to a public university, you will be notified you are eligible to be considered for Reverse Transfer.  You are eligible if you have completed 45 credit hours at or or more colleges and if you consent to the release of your academic records.  If you consent (also known as "opting in") your academic records will be evaluated for degree completion and your degree will be conferred based upon a satisfactory evaluation.  Opting in is the first step, contact the 

Visit the Kansas Board of Regents reverse transfer page for more information. 

Articulation Agreements & Partnerships

An articulation agreement is a formal document produced when two or more academic institutions follow a process leading to a partnership to provide a formalized pathway for student transfer.  The University of Kansas Lawrence Campus has developed partnerships with select institutions to provide pathways for students to transfer seamlessly from their institution into the University of Kansas. Each agreement is unique and has a detailed course of study that a student should follow in order to be eligible. The University of Kansas has articulation agreements for the following programs:

Wichita State University (Law)
Pittsburg State University (Master of Social Work)
Kansas State University (Master of Social Work)
William Jewell College (Business / MaCC Program)
KS/MO Reciprocal Tuition Agreement 

Contact the Office of the Provost ( for more information.

What credits might transfer?

Our CredTran tool can show you how college courses completed at another institution have previously been evaluated and transferred to KU.