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The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for the official collection, recording, and maintenance of grades. All grades are posted in Enroll & Pay.

Enroll & Pay

Official KU GPA:

The Official KU GPA is in Enroll & Pay, is what appears on a student's official transcript and is the final GPA used for determining University eligibility for graduation (schools may have additional requirements). This GPA reflects only course work taken in residence at the University of Kansas and will exclude coursework transferred from other institutions and academic credits earned by examination. This GPA is calculated separately for each student career (i.e. - undergraduate, graduate, medical, law). 

This GPA is calculated in both a per term and cumulative format.

Undergraduates should refer to the University Senate Rules and Regulations and the Undergraduate Catalog. Graduate Students should see the Graduate School Catalog. Law Students should refer to the Law School Catalog. Medical Students should refer to Guidelines for Medical Student Evaluation.

Scale 1: All schools except Law and Medicine (+/- option not used by all schools)

Scale 2: School of Law

GradeScale 1Scale 2

Grade scale for courses offered by the School of Medicine (MD only) for students who began the program on or after Fall 2017. These students will not accrue grade points: 

Grade ScaleDefinition
WFWithdrew Failing
Grade ScaleDefinition
CRCredit. For schools of Law and Medicine, this grade means successful completion of a course.
NCNo Credit. For schools of Law and Medicine, this grade reflects an unsuccessful attempt.

For graduate and undergraduate courses, instructors should enter the earned grade. If a student has elected CR/NC, the system will update appropriately based on the earned grade.  

EExcellent (Pharmacy Only)
IIncomplete work on the part of the student
PSatisfactory Progress: An interim grade for coursework requiring two semesters or more
LPLimited Progress: An interim grade for dissertation and thesis hours or their approved equivalents
NECoursework NOT to be evaluated
NPNo Progress: an interim grade for dissertation and thesis hours or approved equivalents
SSatisfactory (other than Medicine)
SPSatisfactory Progress: an interim/final grade for dissertation and thesis hours or their approved equivalents
UUnsatisfactory (other than Medicine)
WGAwaiting collection of grade

Grade Point Averages:

Grade Point Average (GPA) is a quotient determined by dividing the number of grade points earned by the number of credit hours attempted and graded A,B, C, D, and F as defined in University Senate Rules and Regulations Article 2 Section 4. There is only one Official GPA, however the College and schools may calculate a GPA based on the policies of the College and schools.   

The DPR and Advising Tool calculate GPAs based on the policies of the College and schools. GPA's in the DPR may take different aspects of a student's work at KU or previous institutions into account when calculating and may be used to determine meeting degree/major requirements, probation, honor roll, or distinction/highest distinction. There are three main categories of GPA in the DPR and Advising Tool: 

  1. Individual School GPA (includes transfer work unless otherwise indicated) 
  2. KU and Transfer Cumulative GPA 
  3. KU Cumulative Graduation GPA 

The GPA Calculator can be used to assist in estimating a GPA or what courses are needed to impact a GPA.

Faculty and Staff Online Grading

Resources are available to assist faculty and staff with common grading questions. The Office of the University Registrar is also available to answer questions. 

  • Faculty Enroll and Pay How-To's
  • Online Grade Change Form - Faculty will submit this form for grade changes that are more than one year old and for changes within one year that cannot be done in Enroll & Pay for the following reasons:
    • Student has graduated
    • The current grade is a P (Progress)
    • Student is withdrawn from the class
    • Credit/No Credit (with the exception of the Law School)