The Office of the University Registrar manages centrally scheduled classrooms and auditoriums on behalf of the university. Due to the limited number of auditoriums, there are specific procedures for making a request to use or retain use of an auditorium with a capacity of 100 or more.

When to submit an Auditorium Request:

If the class in an auditorium met or exceeded the Enrollment Needed to Keep and the time and days of the course are staying the same, a new request should not be submitted. Fill out the Advanced Auditorium Request form using the prior term’s Auditorium Utilization Report (.xlsx) or if new, as a basis for the request if the class meets one of the following criteria:

  1. This is a new class that needs an auditorium.
  2. The previous like semester class did not meet the Enrollment Needed to Keep requirement.
  3. The previous like semester class, time and/or day is changing.
  4. The class has a non-standard meeting pattern.

If an auditorium is required for a departmental seminar (BIOL 701), please include this information on your Advanced Auditorium Request form. Email with questions or concerns.


Approved utilization for auditoriums is 80% or higher based on previous use during the last like term

  • Exceptions to this policy are allowed when enrollment for a class does not meet the 80% minimum but is too large for the next smaller capacity auditorium. Use the Enrollment Needed to Keep column in the list of centrally scheduled auditoriums to compare the actual number enrolled on the appropriate Auditorium Utilization Report (.xlsx).

Classes that follow the standard meeting pattern and meet the Enrollment Need to Keep will retain the auditorium assignment.

Classes that have a non-standard meeting pattern will not retain the auditorium assignment regardless of meeting the Enrollment Need to Keep.

  • Requests will be reviewed during the update period and, if approved, placed during room optimization. Requests received during advanced placement are not reviewed and must be resubmitted during the update period.
List of Centrally Scheduled Auditoriums
RoomsCapacityEnrollment Needed to Keep
Budig 110462250
Budig 120912250
Budig 130479250
Haworth 1005156125
Joseph R. Pearson 150133106 (Tuesday/Thursday only)
Malott 1001160128
Malott 200110886
Malott 204810382
Strong 330134107
Stauffer-Flint 10010886
Summerfield 427146116
Wescoe 3139272216
Wescoe 3140272216