Release or Restrict Access to your Student Record

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Release Access to your Student Account

At no time should a student allow a third party (including parents and guardians) to log-into the student’s account by supplying the username and password credentials. This is a direct violation of the Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources policy and the student could be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The university allows a student to provide third parties access to view specific information in the student’s Enroll and Pay through delegate access. Students need to use this same process to allow a third parts to communication about questions related to a student’s academic record in person, via phone, or the delegate provided email address. This access can be granted or revoked at any time. 

A Delegate is a person who is designated by a student to view authorized areas of their student account via a delegate account. 

Schedule Only

  • View enrollment and course schedules for the current term.

Grades & Course History

  • View past semester course enrollment and officially posted grades for those courses.

Student Financials

  • Includes access to the account balance, summary of current charges/payments, review of past activity, and view/print current and prior bills. 

Student Financials 1098-T

  • Grants access to current and prior year 1098-Ts. Students must grant consent to receive the 1098-T online before delegates are able to access this information in their delegate account.  

Financial Aid

  • Includes financial aid awards summary, satisfactory academic progress, scheduled disbursement dates, expected family contribution, cost of attendance, shopping sheet, and to-do lists. 

Students may revoke access at any time.

Delegate Access provides a password and personal identification (PIN) that can be used to authenticate a Delegate in other situations (such as phone calls). After logging in, the delegate can change both their password and their PIN by selecting on the Update Profile and PIN tile.  

If you misplace your user ID or password, you can select "Forgot Your User ID or Password" on the Delegate Login Page.

You have two options to change your Delegate password:

  1. There is a "Forgot Your User ID or Password" link on the Delegate Login Page which will walk you through the steps to receive a new password.
  2. If you are logged in, you can go to your Delegate Account options page to update your password.

Students must grant delegates access to the areas in order for you to view them. Students may also revoke information at any time. Please contact your student to make sure that you have the access required. If access is granted and still not appearing, it may be helpful to clear your browser's cache.

In order for the delegates to see the 1098-T, two things must occur. 

  1. Students must grant consent to receive the 1098-T online through their Enroll & Pay account. 
  2. Students must grant their delegates access to view the 1098-T. 

Please confirm with your student that they entered the correct email address.  Your student may also resend an email with the most recent security key by selecting the Resend Email Notification button on their delegate set up page. On occasion, these emails may end up in your Spam or Junk folder. 

Student Instructions to Set Up or Modify Delegate Access:

  1. Log into Enroll & Pay.
  2. Select the Share My Information tile on the homepage.
    • For new access, select the Delegate Access To a New Contact box. Ensure the correct email address is provided.
    • To modify access, select the Edit box next to the appropriate delegate's name.
    • To revoke access, select the Delete box next to the appropriate delegate's name.
  3. Select the information you would like the delegate to have access to, then select Save.
  4. An email will be sent to you confirming the addition of a delegate. An email with a unique security key will be sent to your delegate as well. Your delegate will use this email to complete the process of setting up their delegate account.

This access can be granted and revoked as needed by adjusting the checkboxes or by deleting the entire Delegate account following the above instructions.

Parental Delegate Getting Started Instructions:

Delegate accounts are granted by the student. Students have options to grant and revoke Delegate Access on their account at any time. 

Students initiate Delegate Access setup by designating delegates. This will generate an email to the delegate confirming that this access has been granted. This email will also include a unique security key as well as a link to Create a Delegate Account and Accept Terms and Conditions.

  1.  If you are a new delegate, select the Create a Delegate Account and Accept Terms and Conditions link, and complete the fields on the left to create a delegate account. If you already have an established username and password and are adding an additional student, log onto the right side of the page with your existing credentials.
  2. Visit the Delegate Log-in page to use your Username and Password.
  3. Make sure that you update your profile and PIN by selecting that tile on your homepage.
  4. Select the My Student's Information tile.
  5. Select the student that you would like to view and select Save. You will still need to select a student even if you only have access to view one student’s information.
  6. Use the folders on the left to view information for each student.
  7. If you are the delegate for multiple students, select the KU Select Student to View page at the top to select a different student to view.

Restrict Access to your Student Record

Placing an Information Hold:

Under FERPA and the Student Records Policy the university may release directory information without a student's prior consent, unless the student tells the university not to release this information, by placing an information hold on their account. 

Three important details regarding placing an information hold on a student's record:

  1. Once an information hold has been applied to the record, the student whose record the hold has been applied to will need to provide photo identification before staff can provide any details about their record. This can be via an official KU email account or in person at the 1502 Building, 1502 Iowa St.  
  2. The university receives many inquiries for directory information from a variety of sources inside and outside the institution, including friends, parents, relatives, prospective employers, the news media, honor societies, and other members of the public. An information hold will preclude the release of such information, even to those people.  
  3. An information hold applies to all elements of directory information in a student's student record. 

To release an information hold complete the Request to Remove Information Hold Form