Special Exam Policies


A Special Exam is an examination for a course that is administered at a time other than the regularly scheduled class hours. These are often put in place to provide a common examination for a multiple section course or to provide an examination time that has a longer duration.


Starting for Fall 2014, Special Exams are published in the Schedule of Classes. They can be viewed as part of the class in Enroll & Pay or in the Schedule of Classes.

Resolutions of Conflicts:

If a special examination(s) conflicts with a student’s obligation to other regularly scheduled classes, the student shall be accorded the opportunity to take the examination or test at a time NOT in conflict with other regularly scheduled university classes.

In case a student is subjected to conflicting special examinations the highest numbered course in alphabetical order would arrange an examination at a different time for the affected student. If the conflict is within the same department, then the higher numbered course would make the arrangements.


BIOL 100 is in conflict with PHSX 200. PHSX 200 would make the accommodation.

PHSX 200 is in conflict with PHSX 500. PHSX 500 would make the accommodation.