Auditing Students

Students standing in a field in front of the Campanile

Students attending KU who want to audit a course are considered visiting non-degree seeking students. The below information will provide some basic guidance for their time as a Jayhawk. 

A student is eligible for visiting student status and waiver of the Lawrence or Medical Center required campus fee waiver provided they meet the following criteria: 

  • They are admitted to KU as a non-degree seeking undergraduate or graduate student. (Any student who has previously been enrolled as a degree seeking student at KU may not enroll as a non-degree seeking student until completion of an undergraduate degree.) 
  • They only enroll in classes numbered under 800 
  • They enroll in 6 or fewer hours per semester 
  • They agree to receive a grade of NE (not evaluated) for all classes in any semester for which they are applying the Visiting Student Waiver 
  • They understand that a grade of NE indicates that the course is not transferable and cannot be applied towards a KU degree 
  • They understand that services supported by the Lawrence campus fees cannot be utilized due to the fee being waived 
  • They submit the Visiting Student Waiver request form by the 30th calendar day after the first day of classes for each semester requested.

Please note that this waiver does not apply toward the Edwards Campus required fees. All other appropriate fees are assessed when applicable.  

New non-degree seeking students can begin enrolling in late April for the summer term, late July for the fall term, and early December for the spring term. Specific dates can be found on the Academic Calendar. New non-degree seeking students do not attend a New Student Orientation.

To Prepare for Enrollment

  • Set-up your KU Online ID.
  • Set-up your KU Email and begin checking it often. 
  • Review the class schedule to view available classes and find any prerequisites required for the class(es) you want to enroll in. 
  • If a prerequisite is required submit the test scores or an official academic transcript to the Office of Admissions then email to request to have necessary prerequisites placed on your KU student transfer record. 
  • University requirements such as instructor and departmental permission are applicable. Look for restricted entry courses marked with "Instructor Consent Required" or "Departmental Consent Required". When necessary, contact the department or instructor to obtain the necessary permission. 
  • Your program determines the maximum numbers of hours you can enroll in each semester. Most students with a bachelor’s degree already can take a maximum of 20 hours in the fall and spring and 10 hours in the summer. All other students can enroll in a maximum of 6 hours per semester.  
  • Generally Financial Aid and Scholarships are not available for non-degree seeking students. 
  • Some helpful guides can be found on the OUR Adding Classes and the OUR Schedule Changes websites.

After Enrolling