Other Tuition and Fee Waivers & Petitions

The Office of the University Registrar assesses Tuition and Fees. Tuition and fee amounts charged by the University of Kansas are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents annually and listed in the Summary Tuition & Fee Schedule. The Office of the University Registrar manages petitions of assessed fees and tuition and fee waivers.

Other Fee Situations:

*Affiliated Corporations Eligibility: Full-time permanent staff (100% appointment) of affiliated corporations (KU Alumni Association, KU Athletics, KU Center for Technology Commercialization, KU Endowment Association, KU Medical Center Research Institute, KU Memorial Unions, KU Physician’s Institute, and the University of Kansas Hospital Authority) may receive a waiver of required campus fees and off-campus area fees. Dependents of affiliated corporation employee members are not eligible for the staff rates benefit.