Class Supply Fee Opt-Out Request

In accordance with Federal Department of Education regulations at 34 C.F.R. 668.164.c(2), the University of Kansas must provide students the ability to opt-out of certain class supply fees.  Not all class fees are eligible for opt-out.  Rather, students may only opt-out of fees intended to cover the cost of supplies for a given class.*

The University of Kansas strives to provide accessible and affordable learning opportunities for students and makes a conscious effort to apply class fees reasonably, affordably and sparingly. 

If, however, the student nevertheless wants to opt out of the fee, the opt-out process is as follows:

  • The student may file a request to opt-out of the eligible class supply fee no later than the 3rd class meeting. 
  • The student will initiate the opt-out process by consulting with the professor/instructor of the course.  The professor/instructor will cover the potential impact of opting out, the responsibilities the student assumes, and the specific supplies the student will be required to personally acquire for participation in the course. 
  • The professor/instructor will provide the student a detailed list of supplies the student must purchase.  These materials may not be available for purchase at the KU bookstore. 
  • Materials, supplies or equipment may be required for class prior to the date that the student will receive any refund of the fee. 
  • Within ten (10) business days after the opt-out form is turned in to the Office of the Registrar, the student’s account will be adjusted in the amount of the class supply fee.  Students can access their account detail through Enroll and Pay.   
  • Once an opt-out request is submitted, the student has accepted the personal responsibility for acquiring the required supplies.  The student will not be allowed to use University-provided supplies.  If the student later uses University-provided supplies, the student may be charged the full class supply fee and may be referred to the Student Conduct & Community Standards Office for non-academic misconduct.  . 
  • Class fees that are eligible for the opt-out process are specifically intended to ensure students’ preparedness for the course and immediate access to learning supplies.  Opting out of the class fee and the automatic delivery of supplies may hinder your success in the class and IS NOT RECOMMENDED.   

   *For a list of classes eligible under the Opt-Out policy, please see the Comprehensive Fee Schedule.