COVID-19 Credit/No Credit Policy Modification

The Grading System described in University Senate Rules and Regulations (Article II, Section 2) was modified for the spring and fall 2020, and spring and summer 2021 semesters to allow most students the choice of a credit/no credit option.  

Any student who is considering requesting a change to credit/no credit (CR/NC) is strongly encouraged to receive approval by an academic advisor, who will record notes in Jayhawk GPS, or associate dean before making this change. Further, it is important to note that, if the CR/NC is not currently permitted by a school or program for a licensure course, it will not be permitted as part of this policy. Students should consult with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and their advisor before changing grading options for their course(s).

For spring and summer 2021 terms, courses that currently use letter grades will continue to use letter grades. However, students may individually request to receive or rescind a request for grades of credit/no credit through the form below. All requests for credit/no credit grading option, or to rescind the credit/no credit grading option must be submitted using the below forms no later than 11:59 p.m., December 3, 2021*. Students may select to change one or all of their classes in which they are enrolled (if changing more than one course the form will need to be submitted for each course individually).

Undergraduate students: Courses taken during the spring and summer 2021 semester for credit/no credit, that are satisfactorily completed, can count toward a student’s undergraduate major requirements. Courses graded credit/no credit do not count in computing grade point average. When a student changes academic programs, any satisfactorily completed credits accumulated during spring 2021 will be accepted by the new KU department. Graduate students: Courses graded credit/no credit may be taken in a graduate program if the course is not needed to fulfill hours toward the satisfaction of requirements. No course graded credit/no credit can count toward the satisfaction of the requirements for a graduate degree or a graduate certificate.

Students will choose to receive either the letter grade recorded by the instructor OR a credit /no credit designation by the deadline, December 3, 2021. Faculty will grade students as usual during the semester, and submit the letter grade (A-F, I) to the University Registrar following the standard submission process. 

Please visit the Credit/No Credit Policy on the Undergraduate Advising Center page for additional information and considerations.