(a) Base Tuition Rates

The tuition rate varies with the programs; however, the same hourly tuition and fee rate is charged regardless of a student’s residency status. Students enrolled in traditional face-to-face degree courses are allowed to take a limited number of on-line classes. Such students are assessed the tuition and fees of their degree programs. Face-to-face students must gain approval from their degree program to take these online courses.

School of Education & Human SciencesCredit Hour and Fee Rate
BAS in Exercise Science & Pre-BAS in Exercise Science$485.00
Undergraduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning$485.00
Master's in Special Education$595.00
Master's in Curriculum & Instruction$595.00
Master's in Education Administration$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Secondary Special Education & Transition$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Reading Education$595.00
Endorsement in Reading Specialist$595.00
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy
Studies Online/Blended Course in Vancouver, Canada
Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Special & Inclusive Education$595.00
Graduate Certificate in High Incidence Disabilities$595.00
Endorsement in High Incidence Disabilities$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Post Master's Building Leadership$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages$595.00
Endorsement in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages$595.00
Graduate Programs in Educational Psychology$595.00
Master's Programs in Health, Sport Management, and Exercise Sciences$694.00
Micro-Credential Program$100.00


School of BusinessCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master's in Business Administration$865.00


School of JournalismCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master's of Science in Digital Content Strategy$500.00


School of PharmacyCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master's of Science in Pharmacology & Toxicology$1016.20
Master’s of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry$1116.20


College of Liberal Arts & SciencesCredit Hour and Fee Rate
College of Liberal Arts Online Programs - Undergraduate Tuition$398.00
College of Liberal Arts Online Programs - Graduate Tuition$625.00
Master’s in Applied Behavioral Science$700.00
Professional Science Master in Environmental Geology$535.00
Graduate Certificate in Environmental Geology$535.00
Graduate Certificate in Behavioral Analysis$700.00
Online 30-Credit Bridge Program$398.00


Applied English CenterCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Online Language Modules within the Applied English Center$398.00


School of EngineeringCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master's in Civil Engineering Online (M.S. & M.C.E.)$660.00
Graduate Certificate in Structural Analysis$660.00
Graduate Certificate in Structural Design$660.00
Graduate Certificate in Structural Forensics$660.00
Graduate Certificate in Water Resource$660.00
Graduate Certificate in Construction Management$660.00
Master of Construction Management$660.00
MS degrees in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering$660.00
MS degrees in Environmental Science$660.00
MS degrees in Architectural Engineering$660.00


School of LawCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Law and Policy$670.00


School of Social WelfareCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Workforce Development & Advanced Certification Badges$100.00
Master of Social Work$700.00
Doctor of Social Work$1,000.00


Tuition CategoryOnline RateE-Learning FeeTotal
Undergraduate (per credit)$342.14$80.00$422.14
Graduate (per credit)$421.15$100.00$521.15

Note: Students enrolled in an on-line course are assessed the resident tuition rate and e-learning fee according to their student level (i.e. undergraduate or graduate), regardless of the course level.


University of KS Medical Center - Edwards CampusCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master of Science in Applied Biostatistics$700.00
Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology$700.00
Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science$700.00
Master of Public Health - Generalist Concentration$700.00
Graduate Certificate - Essentials of Public Health$700.00
Graduate Certificate in Public Health, Policy, and Management$700.00

(c) Medical Center College/School Fees

FeeFall 2022Spring 2023Summer 2023
Student Health Records*$38.63$38.63NA
Student Records Maintenance$8.84$8.84NA
Counseling and Educational Support$96.30$96.30NA

* Online only students in the School of Nursing and Doctor of Clinical Nutrition students pay the Student Health Records Fee.

(e) Specialized Programs (Meant for flat-rate online degree programs)

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
Plus 12 Program*$3595.00

*This is a fixed rate, 12 credit hour program, consisting of 4 courses.