Base Tuition Rates

The tuition rate varies with the programs; however, the same hourly tuition and fee rate is charged regardless of a student’s residency status. Students enrolled in traditional face-to-face degree courses are allowed to take a limited number of on-line classes. Such students are assessed the tuition and fees of their degree programs. Face-to-face students must gain approval from their degree program to take these online courses.

School of BusinessCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master of Business Administration$865.00


School of Education & Human SciencesCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Science & Pre-BAS in Exercise Science$485.00
Undergraduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning$485.00
Master of Science in Education in Special Education$595.00
Master Degrees in Curriculum and Instruction$595.00
Master of Science in Education in Educational Administration$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Reading$595.00
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Online/Blended Course in Vancouver, Canada$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Special & Inclusive Education$595.00
Graduate Certificate in High Incidence Disabilities$595.00
Graduate Certificate in PK-12 Building Leadership$595.00
Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages$595.00
Master of Science in Education in Health, Sport, and Exercise Science$694.00
EDUC Micro-Credential Program$100.00
Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies$595.00
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology and Research$595.00
Master of Science in Education in Educational Psychology and Research$595.00


School of EngineeringCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering$850.00
Master of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering $850.00
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering$850.00
Master of  Science in Petroleum Engineering $850.00


School of JournalismCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master of Science in Journalism Digital Content Strategy Option$500.00
Master of Science in Digital & Integrated Marketing Communications$695.00
Graduate Certificate in Social Media Strategy$695.00


School of PharmacyCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Master of Science in Pharmacology & Toxicology**$600.00
Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry**$700.00


School of Professional StudiesCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity$485.00
Bachelor of Professional Studies$485.00
Bachelor of Health Sciences$485.00
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology$485.00
Bachelor of Science in Project Management$485.00
Bachelor of Applied Science in Project Management$485.00
Graduate Certificate in Professional Workplace Communication$535.00
Master of Arts in Organizational Communication$535.00


College of Liberal Arts & SciencesCredit Hour and Fee Rate
College of Liberal Arts Online Programs - Undergraduate Tuition$398.00
College of Liberal Arts Online Programs - Graduate Tuition$625.00
Online 30-Credit Bridge Program$398.00


Applied English CenterCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Online Language Modules within the Applied English Center$398.00


School of Social WelfareCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Workforce Development & Advanced Certification Badges$100.00
Master of Social Work$700.00
Doctor of Social Work$1,000.00

**The amounts listed are charged in addition to resident, graduate tuition.

Tuition CategoryResident RateE-Learning FeeTotal
Undergraduate (per credit)$359.30$80.00$439.30
Graduate (per credit)$442.20$100.00$542.20

Note:In addition to regular tuition and course fees, students enrolled in fully online courses at KUMC will be assessed the e-Learning fee below (does not include hybrid instruction mode courses). The e-Learning fee is assessed per credit hour.


University of KS Medical Center - Edwards CampusCredit Hour and Fee Rate
Graduate Certificates in Essentials of Public Health and in Public Health Practice, Policy, and Management$700.00
Certificate in Epidemiology$700.00
Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Analytics$700.00
Graduate Certificates in Applied Data Science and in Applied Statistics$700.00
Master of Public Health Generalist$700.00

Mandatory Fees

e-Learning Fee - Undergraduates$80.00
e-Learning Fee - Graduates$100.00

Medical Center College/School Fees

FeeFall 2023Spring 2024Summer 2024
Student Health Records*$38.63$38.63NA
Student Records Maintenance$8.84$8.84NA
Counseling and Educational Support$96.30$96.30NA

*Online only students in the School of Nursing and Doctor of Clinical Nutrition students pay the Student Health Records Fee. The total online required fee for students in only online classes outside those programs is $168.49 per semester.

Specialized Programs (Meant for flat-rate online degree programs)

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences 
Plus 12 Program*$3,595.00

*This is a fixed rate, 12 credit hour program, consisting of 4 courses.