Residency Application

Resident tuition classification is determined by criteria found in Kansas statutes and regulations of the Kansas Board of Regents and is evaluated on four basic categories. Students are responsible for providing information sufficient to support their applications for resident classification. Students have until the 30th calendar day after the first day of classes in the term they are applying for residency to submit a residency application or waiver.

A complete application includes supporting documentation. The application is submitted online and all supporting documentation must be submitted with the online application. The application must be completed in one session and cannot be saved and returned to. Ensure you have all supporting documentation before beginning the online application. 

Before beginning the Application please complete and collect the below items:

  1. Fully complete the Income Worksheet and Expense Worksheet. Please note there are two tabs on the spreadsheet. Once the worksheets have been completed in their entirety please print both worksheets to a PDF document, then attach in the Financial Support and Expenses portion of the application. This is required

    • Provide proof of all financial support for the past year. Attach all applicable supporting documents: paystubs, bank statements, student financial aid and scholarship documentation, parental/personal support, spousal contributions, governmental benefits, trust/stock/mutual fund distributions, etc.
    • Expenses can be listed as monthly or yearly. Both columns may be used. This should be a complete picture of all expenses for the past year.
  2. Collect dates when you lived in or moved to Kansas.
  3. Have signed copy of student's most recent state tax return.
  4. Have signed copy of student's most recent Federal Income Tax Return.
  5. Have documentation of physical residence for the preceding 365 days. Examples: A letter from landlord(s) (a lease is not sufficient), copies of rent checks/receipts for the past 12 months, or copy of deed/mortgage.
  6. Voter registration
  7. Copy of Driver's License
  8. Vehicle Registration
  9. First page of parent/legal guardian most recent federal income tax return if claimed as a dependent
  10. First page of parent/legal guardian Kansas state income tax return if required


Information on the University of Kansas website does not replace or supersede the statutes or Kansas Board of Regents’ regulations.